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Zanta Hofmeyr playing violin
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Thank you for visiting my website! Feel free to take a look at the different aspects of my musical activities.

I would like to pay tribute to John Roos who sadly passed away at the beginning of this year. I treasure a multitude of special memories of him in connection with music in South Africa. The last time I saw him was when we co-adjudicated a competition at Jan Celliers school in Johannesburg in November 2017and enjoyed listening to very young performers on their instruments.

In 2000 he introduced me to Sister Berchmans from the Sisters of Mercy Order who started a music project at Morekolodi school in GaRankuwa where I subsequently taught on weekends for two years. She moved to Soweto in 2004 and started a new music programme at St Matthew’s Senior school of which you can read more under social projects on this site. They are in real need of funds to pay the music teachers.

John really succeeded in bringing people together in the interests of music making and music education. His unselfish involvement in so many areas –most notably as organiser of national and international competitions in South Africa - remains a true inspiration for me as a musician.