Social Projects

Thabang ka Mmino Music and Cultural Project

Zanta Hofmeyr-PATRON


The purpose of the project is to empower disadvantaged youth by developing latent music and cultural talent. It is our hope that such activities will wean youth from the lure of drink and drugs, enable some of them to find employment by continuing with their music careers and, hopefully, share their expertise with other disadvantaged youth in the future.


  • To reach out to disadvantaged children and youth.
  • To wean the young people from the lure of drink and drugs.
  • To develop the children themselves by helping them
    1. to gain in confidence;
    2. to profit by the discipline which the study of music entails;
    3. to develop their appreciation for music by enabling them to play in ensembles and enjoy the challenge of working together with others;
    4. to enable all participants to experience the joy of playing music without undue pressure


To provide graded tuition to young children and youth in order to develop talent that would otherwise remain undeveloped here in Soweto.


The project has been supported over the past ten years by different organizations. It has run very successfully and my hope is to see it grow and develop in the future. As a School Project (though run independently of the school) the children are the main beneficiaries.

Message from Zanta Hofmeyr

It is a privilige for me to be a patron of this project. My association with Sr Berchmanns goes back to 2000 when I taught violin students at her music project at Morekolodi in Ga-Rankuwa situated north-west of Pretoria. She is a formidable person with a passion and drive for education and music.
We share the belief that music provides an ideal mode of support for children's education. It requires discipline and dedication through the requirement for daily practise, inspired by passion. These qualities can be transferred to any other area of education and we believe that if a child experiences the satisfaction of this process through his music making, he/she will be better able to apply it to their academic studies or even in sports. This music project can form the basis for supporting the young children in their path to becoming confident, positive and successful adults. 
I urge anyone reading through this section of the website to support us with a donation, whether it be monetary or in the form of instruments and accessories such as strings(used strings too), shoulder rests, rosin for the bows, etc.


Zanta Hofmeyr